Alfa Property Index

Alfa Property Index was the first sector fund to appear on the Bulgarian market. It invests in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) that are actively traded on the Bulgarian stock market. The fund follows a predominantly passive investment strategy, which allows it to reflect the common trends on the Bulgarian real estate market. With Alfa Property Index you can invest in the real estate sector benefiting from high liquidity and low management costs. The profit from the fund is untaxable for EU citizens and companies.
Alfa Property Index - key details
Type of fund Open-end UCITS
Investment focus The Fund invests in securities of companies from the real estate sector (including REITs) of Bulgaria, the EU countries as well as other markets.
Country of registration Bulgaria
Launch date 17.04.2006
Currency supply Bulgarian lev (BGN)
Traded/Not traded Not traded on the regulated market
Custodian bank Euro Bank Bulgaria
Subscription fee 0.5%
Redemption fee 0.5%
Management fee 1.5%
Alfa Property Index - risk and return
Low risk
High risk
low return high return
The performance data represents historical results that do not guarantee future results. The current performance of the fund may differ from the above numbers. The return on the invested funds and the invested amount may vary with the changes in the financial markets depending on the market environment and you may realize a profit or a loss at the moment of redemption of the fund's units.

Alfa Property Index - strategy
Alpha Property Index is a sector fund that invests exclusively in securities of companies (including REITs and REITs), operating in the real estate sector (agricultural land , residential, office, retail and logistics space ) admitted to trading on regulated markets country and abroad, which have high growth potential. The Fund may also invest in collective investment schemes or other collective investment undertakings (including ETFs), investing in real estate sector . The specific structure of assets will depend on market conditions and will be dynamic within the above limits.

Structuring and maintaining a diversified investment portfolio and for the protection of investors' funds from adverse market developments , the Fund may invest in debt securities ( mortgage and corporate bonds) , whose performance is tied to real estate.

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Alfa Property Index - how to invest


You can sign up as our client online. After you fill in all the necessary information following the steps in the “BECOME A CLIENT” section, you will practically become a client of Alfa Asset Management and then you can submit orders for subscription and redemption of units of the Fund through out web site
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In Alfa Asset Management's office

Investors can also place orders for subscription and redemption of units of Alfa Property Index at the headquarters of Alfa Asset Management every business day between 10 am. and 5 pm. The order should be submitted in person or through a proxy against the presentation of an identity document and the respective power of attorney and/or company documents. The funds for the subscription are wired though a bank transfer to the account of the fund in Eurobank Bulgaria indicated below. The minimum amount of investment is 200 BGN.

The subscription order is fulfilled within 7 days from the date of placement at the issue price calculated for the day of submission. The order is executed up to the amount of the invested amount divided by the issue price per unit. The redemption order is fulfilled within 10 days following its submission at the redemption price calculated for the day of submission.
Alfa Property Index