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Alfa SOFIX Index

Alfa SOFIX Index is the first Bulgarian index mutual fund. It was established in August 2006 and after February 2014 tracks BSE stock index SOFIX, which includes the biggest and most liquid companies, listed on BSE-Sofia.
Alfa SOFIX Index - key details
Type of fund Open-end index UCITS
Investment focus The fund tracks the blue chip SOFIX index calculated by the BSE-Sofia. It fully replicates the index
in terms of company shares owned and their respective weights.
Country of registration Bulgaria
Date of public offering 16.08.2006
Currency supply Bulgarian lev (BGN)
Traded/Not traded Not traded on the regulated market
Custodian bank Eurobank Bulgaria
Subscription fee 0.25%
Redemption fee 0.25%
Management fee 1%
Alfa SOFIX Index - risk and return
Low risk
High risk
low return high return
The performance data represents historical results that do not guarantee future results. The current performance of the fund may differ from the above numbers. The return on the invested funds and the invested amount may vary with the changes in the financial markets depending on the market environment and you may realize a profit or a loss at the moment of redemption of the fund's units

Alfa SOFIX Index - strategy
Alfa SOFIX Index follows a passive investment strategy, which is typical for index funds. The main difference between passive and active strategy is that actively managed funds portfolio managers' efforts are focused on trying to find the right stock and the right time for their purchase, so to beat the market, while the index fund simply "buy the market". This produces absolute transparency and lower costs in the most efficient management. In the index fund price of the shares is not determined by the skills of the manager, and the movement of the market as a whole. So you may be sure that no subjective decisions, the portfolio of the fund is predetermined, and no extra management costs.

Alfa SOFIX Index invests in shares of companies traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and included in the stock index SOFIX. It is calculated daily and includes 15 leading public companies, ranked according to their liquidity and market capitalization. The share of this type of stock is up 100% of the assets. The investment strategy of Alfa SOFIX Index does not include costly analyzes of companies in an attempt to find undervalued stocks at the right moment to beat the market. Alfa SOFIX Index simply follows the movement of the market and wins the costs for investors are the lowest, and transparency is greatest.

However, does following the market bring better results? Studies comparing the growth of broad market indices in the U.S. and Europe, with average growth of the portfolio of actively managed funds show that the long-term growth indices significantly outpaced the growth in actively managed portfolios as management costs further increase the difference. Of course, in the short term , usually the winner is the one actively managed fund. Leaders are often changed and nobody can promise you that you will always be among the first .

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Alfa SOFIX Index - portfolio
The fund tracks the blue chip SOFIX index calculated by the BSE-Sofia. It fully replicates the index in terms of company shares owned and their respective weights.
For more details on the structure and method of calculation of the SOFIX see:
Currently the companies included in the SOFIX index, respectively in the Alfa SOFIX Index portfolio are:

Alfa SOFIX Index - how to invest


You can sign up as our client online. After you fill in all the necessary information following the steps in the “BECOME A CLIENT” section, you will practically become a client of Alfa Asset Management and then you can submit orders for subscription and redemption of units of the Fund through out web site.
Become a client

In Alfa Asset Management's office

Investors can also place orders for subscription and redemption of units of Alfa SOFIX Index at the headquarters of Alfa Asset Management every business day between 10 am and 5 pm. The order should be submitted in person or through a proxy against the presentation of an identity document and the respective power of attorney and/or company documents. The funds for the subscription are wired though a bank transfer to the account of the fund in Eurobank Bulgaria indicated below. The minimum amount of initial investment is 1000 BGN and there is no minimum investment requirement about additional investment.

The subscription order is fulfilled within 7 days from the date of placement at the issue price calculated for the day of submission. The order is executed up to the amount of the invested amount divided by the issue price per unit. The redemption order is fulfilled within 10 days following its submission at the redemption price calculated for the day of submission.
Alfa SOFIX Index