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Quotes - 20-02-18 (BGN) Alfa Index Imoti Alfa SOFIX Index Alfa Selected Shares Alfa Liquid Investments
Net asset value534,362.921,074,868.061,439,558.29499,863.73
Net asset value per unit0.89540.64850.6262999.7275
Issue price0.89990.65010.6387999.7275
Redemption price 1 *0.89090.64690.6262998.2279
Redemption price 2 **N/AN/AN/A969.7357

* - For Alfa Liquid Investments, the price are for units, held more than 180 days

* - For Alfa SOFIX Index, Alfa Index Imoti and Alfa Selected Shares there is no restriction, based on time or value

** - For Alfa Liquid Investments, the price are for units, held less than 180 days

*** According to article 166, paragraph 3 of POSA, until the Fund's net asset value reaches the amount of BGN 500 000, it is not allowed to redeem its units


Alfa Asset Management was set up in February 2006 with a capital of 500,000 BGN. The company structures and manages mutual funds with the goal to offer investors new investment opportunities. At present, Alfa Asset Management manages two mutual funds which follow passive investment strategy. Their portfolio structure is determined in advance in the rules and regulations, giving investor highest transparency. The paasive strategy enables the management to run lower costs than any other fund management company on the Bulgarian market. Alfa Index Imoti was the first sector mutual fund in Bulgaria. It invests in REITs (real estate investment trusts). The fund's portfolio includes the most actively traded funds on the market, as their share in the portfolio is proportional to their share capital. Alfa SOFIX Index is the first index fund in Bulgaria. It is based on the blue chip index SOFIX, which includes the 15 leading public companies in Bulgaria, classified according to market capitalisation and liquidity. Alfa Selected Shares is active managed mutual fund which invests in shares and bond in Bulgaria and worldwide. Alfa Likvidni Sredstva invests only in liquid funds like bank deposits and money market instruments. Alfa Asset Management is a part of Alfa Finance Holding, a leading Bulgarian industrial-financial group, with activities in the sectors of financial services, logistics, real estate-management and mining industry. The strong experience of the team in the field of financial markets and investments, as well as the already well-known name of the group, guarantee professional attitude towards clients.


Sofia, 18 Krakra street, 1 fl.
tel: +359 2 42 10 513
e-mail: [email protected]